Three Plants to Bring a Breath of Fresh Air

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Three Plants to Bring a Breath of Fresh Air to your bedroom. If you have a thing for plants, but you aren’t sure just which ones you should be bringing into your space when it needs a little extra green, you’re in the right spot!  Below are three plants to bring some fresh air (literally) in your bedroom, and they’re also going to be hearty enough that you can keep them alive with relatively little effort.

Top plans for freshening your bedroom’s air

These plants are all relatively hearty and simple to grow, even if you aren’t someone who is experienced at keeping plants alive!  After all, there’s no point in giving you something to work on that you don’t feel is going to be do-able long term. 

  1. Devil’s Ivy: Let’s start off on a high note.  This plant is simple to grow, compact if you don’t have a lot of space, and fantastic specifically when it comes to the idea of removing xylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.
  1. Boston fern: This fun and energetic plant is going to be a joy to have in your space (especially if you hang it in a basket) and you’ll also love it because it removes formaldehyde and xylene from your air while you sleep. 
  1. Aloe vera: This plant is great for wounds and burns, as you likely know, and it’s also going to be great for removing formaldehyde from the air.  Great for those spaces that love the speckled effect of their thick and green stalks.

What benefits are waiting for me with these plants?

Beyond the actual removal of toxins, and infusing oxygen into your bedroom, they’ll also offer some great intangible benefits when it comes to your bedroom.  Plants can also help you enjoy relief from dry skin since they’ll infuse moisture into your space.  So often, we work hard to keep nature out of our homes, but bringing it in is going to offer some serious perks to consider for long-term enjoyment.

Firstly, they’re great decorations that give back fresh air to you as they decorate your room.  They also are said to help alleviate depression and other mental health conditions, since they require care and maintenance on a regular basis.

Another benefit to plants in your bedroom is that they will help you enjoy just plain old happiness.  There’s just something about a perky green plant in your bedroom that makes you smile when you look at it!  When days get rough, perhaps a houseplant really is going to be a great cure to consider.

If you are normally someone who struggles to focus, you’ll find that plants can actually improve your focus.  Surrounding yourself with plants is said to boost your concentration.  Great if you’re trying to read a really dry book before bed and you can use all of the help you can get!

Simply, there are so many advantages to having plants in your bedroom.  If you are not someone who is experienced in gardening, you’ll also find these three options are great beginner’s plants so you won’t need to worry about replacing them every few months!