How to Prepare Your Garden for a New Decking Area

garden with decking

If you’re ready to enjoy nice summer evenings out on your new decking, then calling in the pros to help you out is going to be a great way to get yourself there in a hurry!  However, you’re going to want to make sure that your garden is ready for the new decking that is going to go in place before the pros actually arrive on site.  Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Top tips for preparing your garden for a new decking area

You deserve to know just what you have to do to help make sure the job is as easy as possible for your contractors, so here are just the tips to do that.

  • Know where you want the decking to go for best use: Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised.  While a contractor will often offer their professional opinions, it’s a good idea to at least have a general idea of where you want it.  It’s your decking, after all!
  • Know how you want to use your decking: there’s nothing worse than finishing a project only to discover that it’s going to be too big or too small for what you were planning.  Map out the space with lawn furniture and make sure that what you are planning on building is going to meet your needs!  Think of it like a dress rehearsal for the real thing. 
  • Ask your contractor what they need: Some contractors offer a full service from the crushed rock to the finishing coat of paint and all other stages in between, including supplies.  Others offer only some of these things and you will have to provide the supplies.  To prevent miscommunications and delays, you’ll want to know what’s what for the contractor that you’ve got on hand! 
  • Have your planning permissions in place: This is a critical step that you absolutely must have in place before a contractor can begin!  Make sure the plans have been submitted and you’ve received the approval so that you are ready to start with everything legal and above board. It is rare in the UK, but sometimes planning does need to be involved depending on the area and height.
  • Make sure any plants and possessions are clear of the area: This is a step that some people skip, but it’s important for everyone’s comfort!  Remove any plants, landscaping tools and possessions from a wide area around the decking.  Accidents happen and no one wants to accidentally cause any damage.
  • Be ready for keeping things safe while the construction happens: Once construction begins, things can get a little chaotic even for the most prepared homeowner!  Have a plan in place for kids and pets so that no one gets in the way and causes concern or worry.

Your new decking is going to be a great addition to your home and outdoor space, but getting it ready can often take quite a bit of effort.  These steps will help you make the most out of your process so that you are ready to go when the time comes to actually having the project go up.

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